Blocked by State Senator Leach on Twitter

The other day on twitter I commented on a post by the PA Senate Dems where State Senator Daylin Leach was tagged in the post. The post was about giving workers a fair shake. So I asked who decides what is fair? Senator Leach responded that elected representatives decide what’s fair. After a couple of tweets I asked Senator Leach how he knows what is “fair” for everyone? Then he switched gears and said the labor department decides what is fair because they keep track of the poverty level. He added, no one who works should be in poverty.

Then I said with all due respect Senator, this is the result of failed Democrat policies in Philadelphia, with the following pic:


The senator then said that’s just nut. Why not show a nice street and credit the Democrats for it? And blame Republican governors for this pic.

I responded by saying Democrats OWN the destruction of Philadelphia. Republican governors have run the state not the city.

So in the senator’s liberal mind, 60 years of Democrat rule and the destruction that has caused in Philadelphia has nothing to do with their failed economic policies and he blames Republican governors for this? This is typical liberal logic in display.

Senator Leach responded by saying that the citizens of Philadelphia lack a safety net and a tax code that favors the rich.

And of course because Senator Leach is a typical liberal who doesn’t want to debate someone with an opposing point of view with facts on his (me) side, he blocked me. It’s a typical closed minded liberal move.

There couldn’t be more BS to the Senator’s statement that Philadelphia lacks a safety net. According to stats from April 2014, 475,890 people in Philadelphia receive food stamps. Philadelphia has a population of 1.5 million people. Which means almost one third of the total Philadelphia population is on food stamps. And 262,500 people in Philadelphia are on Medicaid. And Senator Leach believes Philadelphia lacks a safety net.

Back to Senator Leach’s other ridiculous statement that the Philadelphia Tax Code favors the rich. I used to own a business in Philadelphia. A business in Philadelphia must pay a net profits tax and a gross receipts tax. Meaning, even if your start up business losses money during the first couple years, that business still has to pay the gross receipts tax for an additional loss. Also Philadelphia employers are required to deduct from an employees pay a 3.928% wage tax. The surrounding counties have only a 1% wage tax. And the owner of a star up business is required to pay $200 for business privilege license. Again, according to Senator Leach with his liberal logic fully on display, this tax code favors the a rich person who starts a business in Philadelphia.

Senator Leach has sponsored the following legislative bills: Expand welfare, food stamps and medicaid, raise the sales by 10%, unionize college athletes, tax on gas drillers, infringe on the rights of gun owners by forcing them to register their firearms with the state, raise minimum wage, force employers to pay sick leave, provide for a racial impact study before any change can be made to a sentencing bill,  and force you to pay a plastic bag fee for each bag used for any purchase. Yes the list goes on and on for the entire liberal agenda.

Who votes for these looney liberals anyway? It’s the same people who moved from Philadelphia to get away from high taxes and substandard public education. The problem is the people who are electing the same people that brought economic destruction to Philadelphia with their failed liberal policies and high taxes. The same fate awaits you in the Philadelphia suburbs if you keep putting these people in office and your neighborhoods will look like this:

North Philly Single



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