Officer Hartnett Mayor Kenney and Sanctuary City Policy

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On Thursday evening January 8, 2016, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett was shot three times while sitting in his police car in West Philadelphia. Officer Hartnett is expected to recover.

The suspect, Edward Archer, who was shot by wounded Officer Hartnett, after being treated for his wound, Archer was taken to police headquarters for questioning. Archer confessed to shooting Hartnett and pledged his allegiance to ISIS. In addition, Archer said he shot Hartnett because the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran. According to people who know Edward Archer, he is a devout Moooslim.

The extreme liberal Mayor Jim Kenney, during a press conference about the shooting said that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam, despite the suspect saying that it did. Kenney also said this is the fault of guns and the federal government should do something about it. Kenney also tweeted the same message:

Kenney Tweet Not Islam

This is liberal logic at it’s best. Up is down and down is up.

The gun that the suspect used in the attempted murder of Officer Hartnett was stolen from a suburban police officer’s home back in 2010. No one in the liberal Philadelphia media will ask wacko Mayor Kenney exactly how the federal government could have done anything about a stolen gun.

Kenney also stated that he supports the Philadelphia Police Department. I will now prove how this cannot be the case. Mayor Kenney, while a Philadelphia City Councilman, put pressure on Mayor Nutter to issue an executive order to make Philadelphia a sanctuary city. Which if you didn’t know, means that when an illegal alien is arrested by Philadelphia Police for a crime and ICE issues an immigration detainer on that suspect, Philadelphia will not comply with the ICE detainer. Back on December 22, 2015, Mayor Nutter partially rolled back some of the conditions which Philadelphia Police will now comply with some ICE detainers. Here are the conditions in which Philadelphia will comply with under Mayor Nutter’s revised order:

  1. Individuals identified by ICE as having engaged in or suspected of terrorism or espionage, or otherwise pose a danger to national security.
  2. Individuals being released by Philadelphia Police who were active participants in a street gang.
  3. Individuals being released by Philadelphia Police who have been convicted of a felony, including violent felonies or illegal possession of firearms or drug trafficking.

This was short lived. Mayor Kenney was sworn in on January 4, 2016 and the first thing he did was rescind Mayor Nutter’s order of 12/22/15. Which means Philadelphia Police will now not honor ICE detainers for violent criminal illegal aliens. Kenney is letting these violent felons back on the streets of Philadelphia despite an ICE detainer. How can Mayor Kenney say on one hand he supports the Philadelphia Police and on the other hand let violent criminal illegal aliens back on the streets of Philadelphia? Of course the liberal Philadelphia media would never ask such a question.

This is the beginning of a long ride with this extreme liberal wacko Kenney.


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