Leftist Philly Mayor Kenney Wrong on Irish Immigrant Comparison

Mayor Kenney’s speech today on Saint Patrick’s Day, compared the Irish immigration to American of the 1840s to illegal immigration of today. Once again, extreme liberal Mayor Jim Kenney couldn’t be more wrong.

Mayor Kenney said the Irish immigrants of the 1840s came to American without papers and were undocumented. Yes a lot did come without documentation, however, when they arrived in America they were delivered to ports in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and others. These Irish immigrants were processed by US Immigration Officials and given papers so they could stay in America and one day become citizens of The United States of America.

These Irish immigrants didn’t jump off the ships and run into these cities to hide from officials and work under the table. These Irish immigrants came to America legally.

The a vast majority of immigrants today sneak into the USA by crossing the southern boarder with Mexico. These immigrants, mostly Mexican, have entered the USA illegally. They have not been processed by US officials, nor do they seek to be processed by US officials.

This is the difference Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney doesn’t mention in his speech today and this is why Kenney is wrong once again.

It’s typical of statists like Kenney to leave out the word “illegal” when speaking about immigrants who have broken our immigration laws and entered the USA illegally.

Kenney also mentioned the rhetoric in the presidential race concerning illegal immigrants is a disgrace. Mayor Kenney is wrong yet again. No one objects to people coming to the USA legally to seek a better life for themselves and their family.

No Mr. Mayor, you are the disgrace. Mayor Kenney does not believe US immigration laws should be enforced in the City of Philadelphia and has made Philadelphia a sanctuary city by directing city law enforcement not to comply with ICE immigration holds on arrested suspects who are in the country illegally.

Here is a link to the Mayor’s speech today.

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