Liberals, Sanders and Tax the Rich


Sanders and His Sheeple

It seems Bernie Sanders is getting big crowds and big applause from his tax the rich class warfare speeches on the campaign trail. Sanders identifies himself as a socialist. Which means Sanders wants to control every aspect of your life from Washington, DC. He has proposed many more programs for people like FREE college tuition and FREE health care. Keep in mind that nothing is FREE. All of his proposals call for $18 TRILLION in new spending by the Federal Government. Our National Debt currently stands at $18.6 TRILLION. Just how will Sanders pay for all this if he becomes president? Taxes will have to be raised on not only the so called rich but everyone. What these cheering crowds don’t understand is Sanders will classify anyone who makes $40 thousand a year as rich. Sanders is a lot further to the left of Hillary or Obama. It’s just amazing how no one in the liberal media has asked Sanders who he classifies as rich? Or how he via the federal government is going to pay for $18 TRILLION more in spending.

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