Mayor-elect Kenney is Against Rolling Back Some Sanctuary City Policies

In a article today Mayor Nutter has asked his Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison to look into rolling back some of Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City Policies. Click here or above link for the article.

The proposed policy changes are that the city would cooperate with ICE when an illegal alien suspect is arrested for murder, rape, robbery, domestic violence, illegal possession of a firearm or involved in terrorism.

From the article:






Who is their right mind would oppose this? The usual suspects are opposed to the policy change. Illegal alien rights groups and of course Mr. Sanctuary City himself, Mayor-elect Jim Kenney. Mayor-elect Kenney would rather see a violent domestic abuser or rapist back out on the streets after posting bail to possibly harm or kill a citizen of Philadelphia rather than keeping them off the streets even if ICE issues an immigration hold on the suspect. Mayor-elect Kenney is inviting a Kate Steinle style murder right here in Philadelphia. If you are not familiar with Kate Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal Mexican in San Francisco, who had several felony convictions and had been deported back to Mexico on several occasions then click here.

When the illegal alien rights group went to Mayor-elect Kenney’s office in City Hall to inquire about the policy shift, Kenney was not available, but his spokesperson said this:





Even if Mayor Nutter changes the sanctuary city policy as proposed by executive order, it will only be temporary. Mayor Nutter’s term ends on January 4, 2016. Mayor Kenney will issue an order rescinding Mayor Nutter’s order. It will probably be the first thing Mayor Kenney does on January 4, 2016.

As I stated earlier, Mayor-elect Kenney would rather see violent illegal aliens walking the streets rather than protect the citizens of The City of Philadelphia.

UPDATE: 11/20/15

While I was on twitter tonight Philadelphia City Council woman Maria Quinones-Sanchez tweeted, there will be no change to the current sanctuary city policy. When I responded to her tweet to ask her why she supports illegal violent criminal aliens over the safety of the citizens of Philadelphia, she blocked me.


One would think that an elected Philadelphia City Councilwoman would be more than happy to defend her lawless position and have a legitimate debate with a Philadelphia citizen such as myself.

City Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez is a coward and should not hold a position of power anywhere in the USA.


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