Sheriff Israel Failed Should Resign

Sheriff Israel

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel FAILED to protect the children and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High School and should resign immediately. Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the murderer’s residence 39 times. Some of the reasons Sheriff Israel’s deputies were called to the house were, mentally ill person, domestic disturbance, and elder abuse among others. And some of the calls to the killers house were marked, “no report written.” Meaning, Sheriff Israel’s deputies did absolutely nothing and Israel refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever. Being called to Cruz’s house 39 times should have at least resulted in deputies taking Cruz for a mental stability evaluation in accordance with Florida’s Baker Act. This act gives police the authority to take an individual for an involuntary examination by a mental health professional. Here is how the 13 time Democrat of the Year Sheriff Israel responded when Dana Loesch asked him about this at the CNN gun grabbing town hall event. Listen to this coward Israel making lame excuses as to why his department did NOTHING about Cruz.

Israel supported Hillary for goodness sake. His gun control rhetoric is in lock step with the Democrat Party. It’s blame the guns all the time with this guy. Again, in this video Israel deflects any responsibility whatsoever for his FAILURE to do anything about Cruz.

And here is Israel saying elected officials have no choice but to implement “common sense” gun laws and threatening elected officials that they will not be reelected if they fail to pass new gun control laws.

This from Newsmax, Sheriff Israel is totally against Florida’s stand your ground law. AS you know Democrats are against stand your laws all over the USA. Once again, Sheriff Israel is in lock step with the gun grabbing democrat party. The Sheriff comes on at about 3:35 mark. Like a good liberal Israel compares stand your ground, to going back to the times of the OK Corral.

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