North Korea and The Irresponsible Liberal Media

Kim Jong Un

The obese inbred communist dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, continues to threaten our country, along with our allies, South Korea and Japan, both with his words and actions. Kim Jong Un, continues his ICBM tests and is now threatening to shoot those missiles at US territory, The Island of Guam. It has been reported that Kim’s ICBMs are capable of hitting Hawaii, Alaska, the west coast of the United States and possibly further inland. In addition to that it has been reported that the DPRK has as many as 60 nuclear weapons and they are now able to miniaturize them and put them on their ICBMs. Kim continues his dangerous and threatening rhetoric against the USA.

After President Trump said, that Kim Jong Un will be met with fire and fury if his threats continue and he launches missiles at the USA or Guam, Democrats like US Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) came out and said the president is bombastic and the only way forward is to negotiate with North Korea. The senator from California doesn’t see anything bombastic about Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric. Negotiations have been taking place since 1985 and it has not worked. I found the Arms Control Association website, which chronicles negotiations between the North Korean regime and the USA since 1985. You can check it out here it is very enlightening. Even Senator McCain came out and criticized President Trump for his fire and fury comment. John McCain has never has never met any US Military action he didn’t love until now. It’s time for John McCain to retire from the US Senate and take care of his health.

Now the totally irresponsible liberal media are criticizing and blaming President Trump for all this while they say nothing about Kim Jong fat boy’s threats and missile tests. Brian Williams now on MSNBC who was given time off and fired from his anchor spot on NBC News for being a liar has the guts to criticize the President about this and cite polls. Brian Williams is an ass who has ZERO credibility. Then there was Andrea Mitchell (who is another Democrat disguised as a journalist) who found President Trump’s fire and fury comments just shocking. Andrea Mitchell does not find Kim Jong Un’s threats, missile tests, reports they can put a miniaturized nuclear warhead on an ICBM, that Kim Jong Un now has upwards of 60 nuclear weapons. No Andrea Mitchell only finds what President Trump said shocking. She gives a total pass to the communist dictator and finds nothing he has done or said shocking. Andrea Mitchell is a total liberal hack. You can bet your ass, if Hillary or Obama were president right now and they dished out similar rhetoric against the DPRK, Andrea would be praising them as the smartest people on Earth. This is rich, here is Andrea Mitchell stating how shocked she is at Trump’s words and she was up all night trying to figure it all out. More BS. Click here.

Andrea Mitchell has zero criticism for Bill Clinton. Clinton threatened North Korea in 1994.  And what ever happened to the 1994 deal Bill Clinton made with North Korea?

Liberals like Andrea Mitchell, the liar Brian Williams, just about everyone at CNN and MSNBC, are putting their opposition to President Trump ahead of our National Security concerning North Korea is outrageous. These liberals disguised as journalists are a total disgrace.

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