Partisan Hack Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Adam SchiffRepresentative Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a total hack and is not interested one bit in finding out the truth. Schiff is on the House Intelligence Committee. This committee is investigating (along with others) the Trump-Russia collusion thing. Back in March 2017, Evelyn Farkas told Mika on CNN that the Obama Administration had information on the Trump-Russia collusion thing and urged her former colleagues in the intelligence community to leak everything that had before Obama left office. Youtube link here.

Adam Schiff is the ranking Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee. Why hasn’t Schiff called Evelyn Farkas to testify?

Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser in Obama Administration, denies she requested the unmasking of names incidentally collected though surveillance. Then a few weeks later, Rice refuses to deny she did the unmasking. These names were leaked to the press. Which is a felony. Why hasn’t Adam Schiff called Susan Rice to testify in front to intel committee?

Obama knew about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election, months before the election and did absolutely nothing about it. Pencilneck Adam Schiff appeared on the State of the Union show and was asked about this. Watch Schiff dodge the questions and won’t say anything bad about Obama or the administration. If Schiff was really interested in getting to the truth about Russia, he would have said I will have Obama administration officials called before the intel committee to testify to get to the bottom of this. Schiff didn’t even come close to saying that. Proving once again Schiff is nothing but a liberal hack not interested in getting to the truth.

Schiff also asserted that Lorretta Lynch shouldn’t be called before intel committee because of Comey’s testimony where he said Lynch told him to call the Clinton investigation a “matter.” Click here for Schiff interview.

Now of course, Pencilneck is all over the Trump Jr. story. Donald Trump jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer where as it turns out, the Russian lawyer had nothing for Don Jr. and she had no ties whatsoever to the Kremlin. During this metting, according to news reports, she wanted to talk about the ban on Americans adopting Russian children. Schiff goes on and on about how bad this is. Schiff goes on and on about conspiracy theories. Here is Pencilneck’s press conference.

A left leaning lawyer, Jonathan Turley, asserts that what Donald Trump Jr. did is not in any way a crime. Video here.

Cater Page a former Trump campaign adviser, who has been accused of participating in the Trump-Russia collusion thing because his investment firm looks for opportunities worldwide. It is alleged that Cater Page was the subject of a FISA warrant because of this. Cater Page has been begging the House intel committee to testify. So far Page has been denied the opportunity to testify to clear his name. Again, if Adam Schiff was interested in the truth, he would call Page to testify.  Here is the story from The Washington Examiner.

Adam Schiff just like to hear himself talk. He loves the attention. Pencilneck is a just liberal hack not interested in the truth.

Update 7/16/2017

Adam Schiff was on a show called This Week. Even though Hillary’s campaign staffers met with Ukraine government officials to get dirt on President Trump. Good old Pencil Neck diminished what Hillary did by comparing bank robbery (Trump) to bouncing a check (Hillary). Schiff, proving once again he is just a liberal hack. Town Hall article here.


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