Gay Marriage Licenses Montgomery County, PA

Pennsylvania Law states marriage can only be between one man and one woman. The Montgomery County, PA Register of Wills, Bruce Hanes, has been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples in direct violation of state law. Just about all the news stories I have heard, read and seen on TV, here in Philadelphia, one fact has been left out. Register of Wills, Bruce Hanes is a Democrat. If a Republican official was breaking the law, in the first line of the news story he would identified as a Republican and portrayed as an extremest. But not Democrats, they continue to get a pass from the liberal media.

Let’s talk about extreme. Then State Senator Obama of Illinois voted against The Born Alive Infant Protection Act at least twice. This bill would require life saving  medical treatment for a baby who survived an abortion. Senator Obama requested the language of the bill be changed. The language was changed to the exact specifications Obama requested. Then when the bill came up again with these changes, Obama voted against it again. To let a baby die after surviving an abortion is extreme. However, Obama got a pass from the liberal press.

These are just more examples of the media covering for the Democrats when they break the law or vote against something that’s extreme. Mr. Hanes does not have the authority to disregard laws he doesn’t agree with. A law suit has been filed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to stop Mr. Hanes from issuing any more licenses to gay couples and to invalidate the licenses that have already been issued and to void the marriages that have taken place. The law is very clear and Mr. Hanes will lose. I would like to know just who the hell does Mr. Hanes think he is?

This is typical of Democrats. Instead of trying to have the law changed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Mr. Hanes just breaks the law. Also, PA Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, who is also a Democrat, refuses to defend the PA Law concerning traditional marriage in court. Mrs. Kane is obligated to defend the law because of her position as Attorney General but she has refused. Just another Democrat who refuses to defend the law because she disagrees with it.

Philadelphia City Council, which is controlled by Democrats, also violates state law concerning firearms laws. PA law states only the General Assembly can pass laws concerning firearms. What does Philadelphia do? Pass firearms laws in direct violation of state law.

These are just a few examples of how Democrats violate the laws they disagree with and vote against laws which make sense. I’m sick and tired of Republicans being portrayed as extremists when it is the Democrats who are the real extremists.

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