Philadelphia Now a Sanctuary City

Thanks to Mayor Nutter (D-Phila) and liberal Councilman Jim Kenney (D-Phila), Philadelphia is now a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Mayor Nutter will sign an executive order stating that the Philadelphia Police Department will no longer honor ICE detainers placed on illegal immigrants who have been arrested. Even if the illegal immigrant is wanted by ICE for a violent crime Philadelphia will NOT honor their detainer. An ICE detainer will only be honored by Philadelphia if the illegal immigrant is a convicted felon and ICE presents an arrest warrant to the Philly PD. You can read the story here:

Liberal Councilman Jim Kenny doesn’t want Philadelphia to honor any ICE detainers. Councilman Kenny would rather violent illegal immigrant criminals, walking the streets of Philadelphia. This just goes to prove once again that Democrats are lawless. They care more about the rights of illegal immigrant criminals, than the safety of  law abiding Philadelphia citizens.

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6 Responses to Philadelphia Now a Sanctuary City

  1. this city has only gone down hill since nutter was elected.

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  3. John Godiska says:

    What it proves, is that the republican Congress refuses to give them any money to do it. Unless of course they repeal Obamacare, and pass tax cuts for rich people. I am tired of the spins. Dark side of the force do I sense in them.

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