Islam Is Not a Religion, It Is a Political System

shariah-law-pictureThe “religion” of Islam is in reality a political system. The countries ruled by Islam do so by Islamic law or Sharia Law. It is defined as the legal framework by which the public and private lives of the residents are regulated. Sharia deals with every day life, including politics, banking, business, sexuality and social issues. Minor offenses against Sharia law come with harsh consequences and even death, especially for women. More on this later.

Islam is built on a lie. It is said that the Prophet Mohammed received the Quran from God. In September of 2015 numerous news sources reported that portions of a Quran were discovered to be older that Mohammed. Here is just one news story: Click here.

I watched a very interesting and informative youtube video by Ann Bernhart explaining the reasons why Islam is a political system and it’s absolute abuse of women. It’s an hour long video so if you have time to watch it, do so. I warn you now, some parts of the video are graphic, so it isn’t for children. Link here.

Islam is using the first amendment of The U.S. Constitution against us by calling it a religion. It is going to come to a point where the United States MUST classify Islam as a political system and treat it as such or we are going to lose our country.

President Obama will never say the words, terrorist attack, jihad, or radical Islamic terrorism. Obama gave a speech at the United Nations saying the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Link here.

It’s like Obama is on their side instead of the side of United States citizens and freedom of speech. Of course Obama’s speech at the UN did not get wide news coverage because the liberal media just goes along.

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Hillary’s Fake Accents

For the life of me I just can’t figure out why anyone would support Hillary Clinton. She has proven herself to be a liar and she is faking accents where ever she campaigns just like she did in 2008. I guess the parents of the people who are supporting Clinton never taught them that liars and fakes cannot be trusted. This clip from October 17, 2015 in Hoover, AL. Click here to view the clip.  And this clip from march 16, 2007 where she fakes a southern accent. Click here. And this from May 27, 2015 and another fake southern accent. And here is a compilation of Hillary’s changing accents from 1983 to 2015. Click here.  And again in Memphis, TN. 

Besides the fake accents it has been proven that Hillary lied about having classified information her email server. The FBI investigation into Hillary’s email server continues. The Clinton campaign is trying to say the FBI is investigating only her server. The FBI doesn’t investigate machines, as the Clinton campaign wants everyone to believe. The FBI is investing Hillary Clinton and her violations of The Espionage Act.

Hillary is a fake and a liar. And if the Republicans don’t get their act together, this communist, Hillary Clinton, will be the next President of the United States.

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Mayor-elect Kenney is Against Rolling Back Some Sanctuary City Policies

In a article today Mayor Nutter has asked his Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison to look into rolling back some of Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City Policies. Click here or above link for the article.

The proposed policy changes are that the city would cooperate with ICE when an illegal alien suspect is arrested for murder, rape, robbery, domestic violence, illegal possession of a firearm or involved in terrorism.

From the article:






Who is their right mind would oppose this? The usual suspects are opposed to the policy change. Illegal alien rights groups and of course Mr. Sanctuary City himself, Mayor-elect Jim Kenney. Mayor-elect Kenney would rather see a violent domestic abuser or rapist back out on the streets after posting bail to possibly harm or kill a citizen of Philadelphia rather than keeping them off the streets even if ICE issues an immigration hold on the suspect. Mayor-elect Kenney is inviting a Kate Steinle style murder right here in Philadelphia. If you are not familiar with Kate Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal Mexican in San Francisco, who had several felony convictions and had been deported back to Mexico on several occasions then click here.

When the illegal alien rights group went to Mayor-elect Kenney’s office in City Hall to inquire about the policy shift, Kenney was not available, but his spokesperson said this:





Even if Mayor Nutter changes the sanctuary city policy as proposed by executive order, it will only be temporary. Mayor Nutter’s term ends on January 4, 2016. Mayor Kenney will issue an order rescinding Mayor Nutter’s order. It will probably be the first thing Mayor Kenney does on January 4, 2016.

As I stated earlier, Mayor-elect Kenney would rather see violent illegal aliens walking the streets rather than protect the citizens of The City of Philadelphia.

UPDATE: 11/20/15

While I was on twitter tonight Philadelphia City Council woman Maria Quinones-Sanchez tweeted, there will be no change to the current sanctuary city policy. When I responded to her tweet to ask her why she supports illegal violent criminal aliens over the safety of the citizens of Philadelphia, she blocked me.


One would think that an elected Philadelphia City Councilwoman would be more than happy to defend her lawless position and have a legitimate debate with a Philadelphia citizen such as myself.

City Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez is a coward and should not hold a position of power anywhere in the USA.


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Liberals, Sanders and Tax the Rich


Sanders and His Sheeple

It seems Bernie Sanders is getting big crowds and big applause from his tax the rich class warfare speeches on the campaign trail. Sanders identifies himself as a socialist. Which means Sanders wants to control every aspect of your life from Washington, DC. He has proposed many more programs for people like FREE college tuition and FREE health care. Keep in mind that nothing is FREE. All of his proposals call for $18 TRILLION in new spending by the Federal Government. Our National Debt currently stands at $18.6 TRILLION. Just how will Sanders pay for all this if he becomes president? Taxes will have to be raised on not only the so called rich but everyone. What these cheering crowds don’t understand is Sanders will classify anyone who makes $40 thousand a year as rich. Sanders is a lot further to the left of Hillary or Obama. It’s just amazing how no one in the liberal media has asked Sanders who he classifies as rich? Or how he via the federal government is going to pay for $18 TRILLION more in spending.

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The Protest Has Arrived in Philadelphia

UPDATE: Watching CNN of the Philadelphia “protest” at 8:54 PM. It looks like the “protesters” are scuffling with the police. It looks like it’s going to be a long night. It’s only a matter of time before the rioting, burning and looting is going to start. 

This protest against police is about the death of Brandon Tate-Brown who was black, by Philadelphia Police in December 2014. Despite overwhelming evidence that the shooting was justified, the protest is on. Here is an excerpt of a article from March 20,2015. The link to the entire article is here.

BrownBrandon Tate-Brown’s mother has filed a civil rights law suit against the city and police. The evidence and facts be damned, the mother said she “believes” her son didn’t have a gun in the car. So what she “believes” means more than the actual evidence. I do not see how this law suit can be successful.

As of 6:00 PM today (04/30/2015) the protest is peaceful. But look out, as night falls on the city. We may see riots and burning buildings.

Philadelphia has been run by Democrats for the last sixty years. The result of one party rule in Philadelphia has been devastating. Working class neighborhoods have been turned into war zones by failed Democrat policies. Here are some examples. This is the 1400 block of Newkirk Street in North Philadelphia.


This is the 6200 block of Callowhill Street in West Philadelphia. There used to be a house there.

6206 CallowhillThere used to be row houses here in North Philadelphia. North Philly Single

One more example. It’s laundry day in Philadelphia.

laundryThere are many more examples of this devastation all around the City of Philadelphia. Despite the war zones and the failed Democrat policies, the city will once again elect a Democratic mayor and a majority of Democrats on the city council. Where high taxes on individuals and businesses will continue to hamper job growth as it always has. City residents must pay a 3.928% city wage tax even if they work outside the city. Businesses must pay gross receipts tax and a net profits tax. So a business just starting out and doesn’t make a profit for the first couple years, still has to pay a tax on their gross receipts. High taxes and regulations is a direct result of city residents, especially in poor neighborhoods, not being able to finds jobs. Until the low information Democrat voters wake up and realize these economic policies have failed, they will continue to vote Democrat.

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Hillary Clinton – Liar

Hillary PicHillary Clinton has proven herself to be a liar. Back during the Watergate investigation Hillary Rodham was fired by her boss and lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. Mr. Zeifman said Hillary was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee and the rules of confidentiality.

During a foreign policy speech in 2008 Hillary recalled when she went to Bosnia in 1996 while first lady. Hillary said this:

Hillary Lie1



As we all know by now that Hillary made up the story. She LIED. Later she admitted she misspoke. It was a lie plain and simple.

In a speech Hillary gave in Iowa on April 15, 2015 Hillary said all of her grandparents immigrated to the United States.

Hillary Lie2Census records prove that Hillary lied once again.

What has Hillary accomplished? She did nothing as Senator from New York. As Secretary of State her reset with Russia was a total failure. She ignored pleas from Ambassador Stevens and his staff for more security at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. As a result Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed.

Hillary stated that she used a personal email account because she didn’t want to carry two devices. Two weeks before that Hillary was on a TV show where she said she carried two devices. Again more lies.

It just amazes me how anyone can support a liar to be President of The United States. There are liberals all over the USA that will vote for this liar. I can only guess that no one ever taught these people that liars can’t be trusted. But they are willing to trust her to be President of The United States. To me it’s typical liberal logic to trust liars.


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NJ Teacher Suspended for Letters to Mumia, The Philadelphia Connection

My original post can be found by clicking here.

Updated 4/11/15

Now it seems that the executive director of The Philadelphia Student Union, Hiram Rivera, also delivered get well letters from Philadelphia Public High School students. This is totally outrageous. To have Philadelphia high school students glorifying a cop killer at the behest of their liberal teachers is totally disgusting. I have no idea if there is going to be an investigation by the School District of Philadelphia. The questions that need to be answered are, which schools were involved, which teachers were involved and how many students were involved? Did these schools and teachers have permission from the school district or the school’s principles to write get well letters or cards to a convicted cop killer?

After a bit of research I found on the Philadelphia Student Union’s website an article written by a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School named Sharron Snyder. Link to the full article: Click Here

I picked out some excerpts from the article:

Sharron Snyder2

Let us pay very close attention the last two sentences of this clip. The message Ms. Snyder is conveying is, Mumia was driving downtown when the police for no reason shot Mumia, then beat him. After that, he was charged with murdering Officer Faulkner and because of a lack of evidence, Mumia was sentenced to death. Now this high school senior was probably born in 1996 or 1997. She was not born yet when the murder of Officer Faulkner occurred. Now how do you suppose this totally false narrative of what happened got into her head? It’s obvious liberal teachers are teaching this garbage in the classroom at Benjamin Franklin High School.

Here is the second excerpt from the article:

Sharron Snyder4Again, let us pay close attention to the second sentence of this clip. The liberal teachers at Benjamin Franklin High School have this student and lots of other students I’m sure, absolutely convinced that Mumia is a good person and he is a political prison instead of cold blooded cop killer. This is totally outrageous and disgusting.

I have to wonder if the liberal Philadelphia media is going to pick up this story and question Mayor Nutter and Superintendent Hite in a public forum about this entire situation? Stay tuned.

Update 4/14/15

Well it seems no one in the liberal Philadelphia media wants any part of this story. I have sent them messages on twitter and emailed their news departments with no response. I just wrote a letter to my city councilman about this travesty. I will let you know his response, if any.

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