My Anan_VII Twitter Account Suspended Permanently. Proof of Twitter’s Hate of Conservatives.



Twitter permanently suspended my @Anan_VII handle for “targeted abuse.” I never targeted or abused anyone. The true reason twitter suspended this ID is because it’s conservative. It has been well documented that twitter discriminates against conservatives. Let’s take loathsome single digit IQ and liberal idiot, Keith Olbermann, who has been fired from every job he’s ever had for being a total obnoxious liberal asshole. The graphic below shows just a small sample of Olbermann’s targeted abuse aimed at President Trump. These tweets are a clear violation of Twitter’s targeted abuse rules, yet Olbermann NEVER gets suspended no matter what he tweets. So I get a permanent suspension for the made up charge of “participating in targeted abuse” and Bathtub Boy Keith Olbermann continues his targeted abuse of President Trump and other conservatives and twitter looks the other way because they agree with Olbermann’s radical far left ideology.

Olbermann Out of Control

As reported by various news outlets, Twitter is now being sued for discriminating against conservatives. Washington Post article here. This BuzzFeed article shows email exchanges between Twitter executives on their utter confusion as to what their rules really mean and their “verified” status rules.

It is quite clear Twitter has a genuine hate for conservatives on their platform. This USA Today article states a Hispanic conservative, Ariana Rowlands, who expressed her support of President Trump and received death threats from liberal users of twitter. She reported the life threatening tweets to twitter, and twitter ignored her reports. The USA Today article also cites other examples of Twitter’s liberal favoritism. Link to USA Today article here.

Here is the absolute verification that Twitter bans conservatives because they disagree with their ideology and lets liberals like Olbermann get away with breaking the rules because they agree with his far left ideology. This is from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

I hope the plaintiffs in the various lawsuits against twitter win. And I just can’t wait until all the discovery from these lawsuits becomes public. Like internal memos and emails. The level of Twitter’s hate of conservatives will be fully exposed and quite an embarrassment.

Needless to say I filed an appeal to twitter asking for the exact tweets that violated the rules. Of course twitter refuses to list the tweets that led to my suspension. This is the standard form email response from twitter:

Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against participating in targeted abuse.

In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs on our platform, we do not tolerate abusive behavior. This includes behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence someone else’s voice.

Thanks, Twitter”

The last line should say: “we do not tolerate abusive behavior, except when it’s by Keith Olbermann or any other radical far left kook.”


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Jim Acosta Is Not a Journalist and The Schumer Shutdown

Jim AcostaJim Acosta of Fake News CNN is not a journalist. Acosta is just another far left liberal disguised as a journalist. Jim has no comments or concerns about Pelosi and Schumer’s total hypocrisy when the opposed the government in 2013. See my previous post for details on that. At a Press Conference on 1/19/2018 concerning the possibility of a government shutdown at mid-night Acosta floats the false liberal narrative by asking OMB Director Mick Mulvaney how can it be the Schumer Shutdown when Republicans control all three branches of government. Mick Mulvaney totally schools the fake journalist Acosta by telling him about how 60 votes are needed to pass the funding bill and that there aren’t 60 Republican Senators to pass it. Of course Acosta already knows this and just wants to float the false liberal narrative. Acosta should be ashamed to even ask the question. But liberals have no shame.

If Acosta is soo worried about amnesty for the illegal aliens classified as DACA recipients why hasn’t he asked Senate Minority Leader and Government Shutdown hypocrite Schumer where the DACA bill is? Why hasn’t Acosta asked Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi where the DACA bill is in the House? DACA was rescinded months ago. It’s because Acosta isn’t interested in being a journalist. Little Jimmy Acosta is only interested in pushing the liberal agenda and going after President Trump.

President Trump rescinded Obama’s unconstitutional  executive DACA order in September 2017. Obama’s DACA executive order was ruled unconstitutional by Judge Hanen a Federal District Judge in Texas. After Judge Hanen’s order barring the government from implementing DACA, the Obama Administration implemented parts of DACA anyway. Judge Hanen excoriated DOJ lawyers for purposely trying to mislead the court concerning the implementation of DACA. New York Times article here.

Did little Jimmy Acosta question Obama’s Press Secretary about this violation of Judge Hanen’s order? Of course not, because little Jimmy isn’t a journalist. Acosta is an advocate of the liberal agenda.

Has Acosta asked Schumer or Pelosi about their total hypocrisy about government shutdowns? Of course not because Acosta agrees with whatever the liberal agenda of the day is.

During the press conference it was reveled that is no DACA bill that has even been voted on. I’m still trying to figure out what President Trump is supposed do? President Trump cannot make the illegal aliens called DACA recipients US citizens by executive order. Why doesn’t little Jimmy Acosta do his jib and find out for us? He won’t do that.


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Government Shutdown and The Democrat Hypocrites

Pelsoi Crazy Pic

Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi

Don’t you just love when Democrats prove their hypocrisy with their own words? For example, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Back in 2013, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, saying things like shutting down the government is drastic and Chuck Schumer saying to shut down the government because I can’t get my way is the politics of idiocy. This youtube video of Pelosi and Schumer is priceless:

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John Harwood, Total Liberal Hack

john-harwoodJohn Harwood of CNBC claims to be a down the middle unbiased journalist. In reality Harwood is a Democrat hack disguising himself as a journalist. We all remember John Harwood from a Republican Presidential Debate when he said this to the future President Trump: “Mr. Trump, you’ve done very well in this campaign so far by promising to build a wall and make another country pay for it; send 11 million people out of the country; cut taxes $10 trillion without increasing the deficit; and make Americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others. Let’s be honest. Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?” As it turns out Harwood is the clown in the comic book.

Let’s explore how John Harwood is not a middle of the road unbiased “journalist” as he claims. During the 2016 presidential campaign wiki leaks published countless emails between John Softwood, I mean John Harwood and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Mr. Middle of the road “journalist” was acting as a Hillary campaign adviser and Podesta ass kisser.

Here is Harwood acting as a campaign adviser.

Here is Harwood apologizing to Podesta and other Hillary campaign officials after they voiced their displeasure at Harwood’s report about Hillary’s presidential campaign kickoff. This is where Harwood proves he is a pussy and total Podesta ass kisser.

In this email, Harwood is asking Podesta what questions he should ask Jeb Bush for an upcoming interview. You know all journalists always ask a Democrat Presidential Campaign chairman what questions to ask a Republican Presidential candidate. NOT! Proving once again John Harwood is not a journalist.

Harwood going out to dinner or a beer with Podesta.

This article from Newsbusters where John Softwood, I mean Harwood, states the Republicans lack the maturity to govern. Harwood again showing his partisan liberal bias failed to do proper research on the subject. According to a Pew Research study which states the current Republican Congress is one of the most productive in years. Looks like the Republicans are governing John. Harwood is only interested in the liberal false narrative, not truth and facts. So much for Harwood being a middle of the journalist.




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Nazi Party, Neo-Nazi Groups, White Supremacist Groups and KKK Are NOT Conservative or Right Groups

The Nazi Party of Germany was The National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi Party was anti-business, anti-capitalism and anti-Semitic. Now let me ask you this. Does this sound even close conservatism? The answer is no. This was a far-left political party.

The American Nazi Party formed after WWII founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. The American Nazi Party was later renamed National Socialist White People’s Party. The biggest giveaway that this is also not a conservative group would be the word “socialist” in the name. This is also a far-left political party.

The Aryan Nation is a white supremacist group founded by Richard Girnt Butler. Aryan Nation’s ideology is a mix of Nazism and Christian Identity. The Christian Identity aspect of the group is very separate and not from the teachings of Jesus Christ and The Bible. Of course we all know what Nazism is. The Aryan Nation is a far-left group.

Let’s explore the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK was started in the 1860s by former members of the Confederate Army, who were Democrats. They sought to overthrow Republican state governments in the south. These Democrats were really mad that Republicans took away their slaves. The founding members of the KKK were not Republican or conservative. The KKK was opposed to everyone who did not share their ideology. They used threats, violence and murder to achieve their goals. Their targets were blacks, Catholics, Jews and white Republicans. The KKK was also against the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Here is a list of prominent Democrats who were also members of the KKK: Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Senator Theodore Bilbo (D-MI), Bibb Graves Democrat Governor of Alabama, Clifford Walker Democrat Governor of Georgia, Congressman George Gordan (D-TN), Senator John Gordon (D-GA), and Presidents Warren Harding, Harry Truman and Calvin Coolidge. Again, the KKK is not a conservative organization. It is a far-left organization/group.

After researching similar groups, they are all pretty much the same. Again, there is no evidence whatsoever, to suggest any of these racist, white supremacists groups are conservative or Republican groups. It amazes me that some Republicans actually believe these groups are somehow right or conservative groups. It’s not surprising that the liberal media has classified these groups as right or alt-right groups to paint all Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters as racists and white supremacists. The liberal media never brings up the alt-left, groups like Black Lives Matter, which advocates the murder of police officers, or ANTIFA. The reason the liberal media doesn’t want to report on or condemn violent liberal groups like antifa is because they agree with their goals. Here is a great article from National Review of the left’s violence including antifa.

A perfect example of this is liberal Chuck Todd of Meet The Depressed interviewing Mark Bray, one of the national leaders of the violent liberal group ANTIFA. Todd didn’t push back at all when Bray confirmed he is in favor of using violence to stop the free speech rights of those who they (antifa) disagree with. Here is the Newsbusters article. Chuck Todd and the liberal media whitewash the violence of antifa and Black Lives Matter. The antifa showed up in Virginia to start a violent confrontation. Look at the news video of the confrontation. The antifa were the ones who were wearing helmets and carrying clubs. But since antifa is a liberal communist anarchist group, the media will downplay their involvement or make excuses for them, because the media is of the same liberal ideology.

When antifa started riots in Berkeley, Ferguson, Baltimore and Seattle, no one demanded that prominent Democrat politicians come out and condemn them by name like Democrats and the liberal media demanded Trump do for Charlottesville, VA. No one demanded that President Obama condemn by name Black Lives Matter when one of their members murdered five Dallas Police Officers. The liberal media tried to hide the fact that James Hodgkinson, who attempted to assassinate Congressional Republicans at a baseball practice, that he was democrat and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

ANTIFA is an Marxist liberal violent anarchist group which is very dangerous. ANTIFA should be denounced by everyone. Its too bad the liberal media only denounces violence when it’s done by a fake “right” group and is tolerated when it’s done by far left groups, antifa and Black Lives Matter.




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How The US Tax System Works

TaxBlocksCalculator_43_0Whenever Republicans propose tax cuts for everyone, liberals always charge it is tax cuts for the rich. This constant mantra from the liberal left is a worn out lie and proves that liberals have no clue as to how the US Tax system works. So let me try to educate these low info liberals. Liberals always listen and believe the rhetoric from their democrat leaders that tax cuts are just for the rich. The liberal mind does not allow them to analyse and independently research and break down this false mantra.

The Federal Income Tax System, is called a marginal tax system. Meaning, the more money you earn, the more you will pay in Federal Income Tax. Which means the opposite is also true for those earning less money. The less you make the less you pay in Federal Income Tax. There are tax brackets which determine what rate or percentage of your income you will pay based on how much you earn. The table below is the tax brackets for 2014.

2014 Tax Brackets

So a person who earns $25,000 in a year will pay 15% in Federal Income Tax which is $3,750. A person who earns $500,000 in a year will pay 39.6% in Federal Income Tax, which is $198,000. Keep in mind that a person who makes $9,075 (or $18,150 for married couples) or less pays zero dollars in Federal Income Tax.

I hope you dumb liberals are still with me. Pay attention now, I’m trying to educate your very feeble minds.

So when Republicans propose across the board tax cuts, which means a lower percentage of tax in each tax bracket and/or perhaps the elimination of a tax bracket or two, EVERYONE will pay less money in real dollars, in Federal Income Tax, yes even the rich. And yes, the rich will get more in actual dollars by a tax cut because they pay a lot more in Federal Income Tax. In the above example, the guy making $500,000 a year paid $198,000 in Federal Income Tax. While the guy who makes $25,000 a year paid $3,750 in Federal Income Tax. So the guy making a half million paid $194,250 more in Federal Income Tax than the guy who made $25,000. Meaning, an across the board tax cut will benefit both parties in the example. Yes the rich guy will save more by a tax cut, because he paid $194,250 more than the other guy. A married couple who makes $18,150 or less will pay zero in Federal Income Tax no matter what happens to the tax code because they paid zero dollars in Federal Income Tax to begin with. So when liberals advance the narrative that it is just tax cuts for the rich, it is one big lie.

Now if you are too dumb to comprehend the simple example above, perhaps this example will help you put it all together.

How Tax System Works

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North Korea and The Irresponsible Liberal Media

Kim Jong Un

The obese inbred communist dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, continues to threaten our country, along with our allies, South Korea and Japan, both with his words and actions. Kim Jong Un, continues his ICBM tests and is now threatening to shoot those missiles at US territory, The Island of Guam. It has been reported that Kim’s ICBMs are capable of hitting Hawaii, Alaska, the west coast of the United States and possibly further inland. In addition to that it has been reported that the DPRK has as many as 60 nuclear weapons and they are now able to miniaturize them and put them on their ICBMs. Kim continues his dangerous and threatening rhetoric against the USA.

After President Trump said, that Kim Jong Un will be met with fire and fury if his threats continue and he launches missiles at the USA or Guam, Democrats like US Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) came out and said the president is bombastic and the only way forward is to negotiate with North Korea. The senator from California doesn’t see anything bombastic about Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric. Negotiations have been taking place since 1985 and it has not worked. I found the Arms Control Association website, which chronicles negotiations between the North Korean regime and the USA since 1985. You can check it out here it is very enlightening. Even Senator McCain came out and criticized President Trump for his fire and fury comment. John McCain has never has never met any US Military action he didn’t love until now. It’s time for John McCain to retire from the US Senate and take care of his health.

Now the totally irresponsible liberal media are criticizing and blaming President Trump for all this while they say nothing about Kim Jong fat boy’s threats and missile tests. Brian Williams now on MSNBC who was given time off and fired from his anchor spot on NBC News for being a liar has the guts to criticize the President about this and cite polls. Brian Williams is an ass who has ZERO credibility. Then there was Andrea Mitchell (who is another Democrat disguised as a journalist) who found President Trump’s fire and fury comments just shocking. Andrea Mitchell does not find Kim Jong Un’s threats, missile tests, reports they can put a miniaturized nuclear warhead on an ICBM, that Kim Jong Un now has upwards of 60 nuclear weapons. No Andrea Mitchell only finds what President Trump said shocking. She gives a total pass to the communist dictator and finds nothing he has done or said shocking. Andrea Mitchell is a total liberal hack. You can bet your ass, if Hillary or Obama were president right now and they dished out similar rhetoric against the DPRK, Andrea would be praising them as the smartest people on Earth. This is rich, here is Andrea Mitchell stating how shocked she is at Trump’s words and she was up all night trying to figure it all out. More BS. Click here.

Andrea Mitchell has zero criticism for Bill Clinton. Clinton threatened North Korea in 1994.  And what ever happened to the 1994 deal Bill Clinton made with North Korea?

Liberals like Andrea Mitchell, the liar Brian Williams, just about everyone at CNN and MSNBC, are putting their opposition to President Trump ahead of our National Security concerning North Korea is outrageous. These liberals disguised as journalists are a total disgrace.

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Partisan Hack Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Adam SchiffRepresentative Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a total hack and is not interested one bit in finding out the truth. Schiff is on the House Intelligence Committee. This committee is investigating (along with others) the Trump-Russia collusion thing. Back in March 2017, Evelyn Farkas told Mika on CNN that the Obama Administration had information on the Trump-Russia collusion thing and urged her former colleagues in the intelligence community to leak everything that had before Obama left office. Youtube link here.

Adam Schiff is the ranking Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee. Why hasn’t Schiff called Evelyn Farkas to testify?

Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser in Obama Administration, denies she requested the unmasking of names incidentally collected though surveillance. Then a few weeks later, Rice refuses to deny she did the unmasking. These names were leaked to the press. Which is a felony. Why hasn’t Adam Schiff called Susan Rice to testify in front to intel committee?

Obama knew about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election, months before the election and did absolutely nothing about it. Pencilneck Adam Schiff appeared on the State of the Union show and was asked about this. Watch Schiff dodge the questions and won’t say anything bad about Obama or the administration. If Schiff was really interested in getting to the truth about Russia, he would have said I will have Obama administration officials called before the intel committee to testify to get to the bottom of this. Schiff didn’t even come close to saying that. Proving once again Schiff is nothing but a liberal hack not interested in getting to the truth.

Schiff also asserted that Lorretta Lynch shouldn’t be called before intel committee because of Comey’s testimony where he said Lynch told him to call the Clinton investigation a “matter.” Click here for Schiff interview.

Now of course, Pencilneck is all over the Trump Jr. story. Donald Trump jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer where as it turns out, the Russian lawyer had nothing for Don Jr. and she had no ties whatsoever to the Kremlin. During this metting, according to news reports, she wanted to talk about the ban on Americans adopting Russian children. Schiff goes on and on about how bad this is. Schiff goes on and on about conspiracy theories. Here is Pencilneck’s press conference.

A left leaning lawyer, Jonathan Turley, asserts that what Donald Trump Jr. did is not in any way a crime. Video here.

Cater Page a former Trump campaign adviser, who has been accused of participating in the Trump-Russia collusion thing because his investment firm looks for opportunities worldwide. It is alleged that Cater Page was the subject of a FISA warrant because of this. Cater Page has been begging the House intel committee to testify. So far Page has been denied the opportunity to testify to clear his name. Again, if Adam Schiff was interested in the truth, he would call Page to testify.  Here is the story from The Washington Examiner.

Adam Schiff just like to hear himself talk. He loves the attention. Pencilneck is a just liberal hack not interested in the truth.

Update 7/16/2017

Adam Schiff was on a show called This Week. Even though Hillary’s campaign staffers met with Ukraine government officials to get dirt on President Trump. Good old Pencil Neck diminished what Hillary did by comparing bank robbery (Trump) to bouncing a check (Hillary). Schiff, proving once again he is just a liberal hack. Town Hall article here.


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Asian Philly Councilwoman Accuses Asian Food Truck Owners of Racism


helen-gym                                                                                                           Philadelphia first term city councilwoman, Helen Gym, has accused the owners of a center city food truck of racism because of their name and the design on the outside of their food truck.

According to the owners of the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck, Alanna Li and Bailin Chen, who are Asian, Councilwoman Gym approached their truck and told the owners the name of your truck is “super-racist.” Gym also was offended by the cartoon characters on the outside of the truck because it depicts two Asians. Alanna Li, explained to councilwoman Gym, that the name of…

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Asian Philly Councilwoman Accuses Asian Food Truck Owners of Racism

helen-gym                                                                                                           Philadelphia first term city councilwoman, Helen Gym, has accused the owners of a center city food truck of racism because of their name and the design on the outside of their food truck.

According to the owners of the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck, Alanna Li and Bailin Chen, who are Asian, Councilwoman Gym approached their truck and told the owners the name of your truck is “super-racist.” Gym also was offended by the cartoon characters on the outside of the truck because it depicts two Asians. Alanna Li, explained to councilwoman Gym, that the name of their food truck, Wheely Wheely Good means it’s really good food on wheels. And in no way is the name meant to make fun of Asians. Apparently, Gym thinks the name is making fun of the way Asians speak certain English words. She also explained to Gym that the cartoons on the outside of the truck are depictions of the Li and Chen.

racist-food-truck-wheely-wheely-good-helen-gymEven after the Asian owners explained all of this to liberal councilwoman Helen Gym, she demanded the owners change the name of the food truck and the design on the outside of the truck. And if they don’t comply with her demands, Gym threatened to have the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck banned from Night Market on Thursday nights at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and threatened the owners with inspections from the city’s Licenses and Inspection Department in an effort to have them shut down if any violations are discovered.

Helen Gym even sent her daughter to the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck to hold up a sign that said “Racism Sucks and So Does This” with an arrow pointing at the truck. And posted this photo on twitter.

racist-food-truck-wheely-wheely-good-helen-gym-2The owners of the food truck didn’t know about the sign until they were leaving for the day and found the sign stuck to the back of their truck.

Councilwoman Gym was given an opportunity to comment about an article about this from Philadelphia Magazine and refused to comment. Seems like Councilwoman Gym is hiding under her desk.

Councilwoman Gym may have committed crime by threatening the owners of the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck, Alanna Li and Bailin Chen. The crime is called Official Oppression.

As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia I am totally outraged at Councilwoman Gym’s conduct. The Asian owners explained there is no implied or intended racism, yet Gym is offended and makes demands. JUST WHO THE HELL DOES HELEN GYM THINK SHE IS? She has no right to threaten a business, who are paying taxes to the city and complying with the laws of city. Helen Gym needs to RESIGN. She doesn’t deserve to represent anyone.

Helen Gym isn’t even from Philadelphia. She is from Seattle, moved to Ohio and then to Philadelphia. Helen Gym is also owned by the teachers union. According to a Pennsylvania Watchdog Organization, Helen Gym accepted double the amount of money allowed by law from the teacher’s union. According to the article Gym has railed against money in politics in the past, yet accepted a double illegal contribution from the PFT. Which makes Helen Gym a typical liberal hypocrite. And once again, Helen Gym was given the opportunity to comment on the article from the Pennsylvania Watchdog Group and declined. Seems like Helen Gym is hiding under her desk again.


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