Channel 6 Covers for Philly City Council Democrats, Facts Omitted

“Reporter” Gray Hall did a story on people having to wait up to 20 minutes to have calls answered by 911 call takers. During the report, Hall found a South Philly resident who complained about the delay in 911 operators answering the phone. Not once did Hall interview a Philadelphia Police Official or radical lefist Mayor Kenney.

Hall did not mention the fact that Philadelphia City Council DEFUNDED the police by millions of dollars for fiscal year 2021. If Gray Hall was a real reporter he would’ve interviewed our MIA Police Commissioner or far left Marxist Mayor Kenney. Hall could’ve also interviewed the Democrat members of City Council who sent a letter to Kenney telling him they would not approve an increase in funding for the police for fiscal year 2021. Even Channel 6’s own reporting from June of 2020 has a story about how Democrat/Marxist members of Philadelphia City Council to Kenney about DEFUNDING the police. Of course the city’s excuse is COVID, which Gray Hall doesn’t question at all. I bet Hall doesn’t realize that police 911 call takers and dispatchers are part of the police budget. Philly is also short staffed on cops too. City Council reinstated a rule from years ago that requires an applicant for the Philly PD to live in the city for at least an entire year upon application. The reason they did away with that rule was because they weren’t getting enough qualified applicants. The same thing is happening now. Its just another way to DEFUND the police. Once again, Gray Hall isn’t a reporter. If he was areal journalist he would know all this and would’ve incorporated it into his story. He can’t do that because that would make Democrats look bad and we can’t have that. So Gray Hall is just another Democrat Party hack who dresses up as a journalist.

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