Biden Old, Frail and Incompetent

As you can see, Biden was told who to call on. I also suspect he had a heads up as to the questions he would be asked. The press conference was a total sham. The so called reporters were in the tank. FNC’s Peter Doocy who would have ask Biden tough question(s) wasn’t called on. Biden stood up there and fumbled, bumbled, lied and then blamed President Trump. The complaint media didn’t press Biden on the Border Crisis that he created. Biden just wanted to blame everything on President Trump. And the Democrat Party Media just stands there and shakes their heads in agreement.

It had been reported that the immigration centers at the border are well over capacity. Pods that are supposed to hold 80 people are currently holding over 700 people including many children. Here is a link to Newsweek Magazine which is not a conservative publication on the current border crisis. Transparent Joe won’t let the media in these centers to report on what’s going on. Jen Psaki, the idiot spokesgirl for the idiot himself, told reporters it was because of COVID they are being denied access. Really? I thought wearing a mask stopped the spread? So that shouldn’t be an issue. Theses border facilities are releasing COVID positive illegal aliens into the USA without any paperwork to show up at an immigration hearing sometime in the future. They are telling these illegal aliens to check in with an immigration office to get a hearing date at their convenience. And of course this is all Trump’s fault. Only a person with a single digit IQ would believe that.

There were also no questions from the Democrat Party Media presser on a Politico Story on a Hunter Biden incident involving a gun, a trash can and Joe’s daughter in law Hallie from 2018. This Politico article came out the day before the press conference

These are not journalists. They are Democrats disguised as journalists. They are Democrat Party activists.

Biden didn’t really answer any of the softball questions. Biden also lied in some of his answers. The Fact Checkers have take off since January 20.


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