Jake Strapper Top Clown at CNN

On his low rated show this past Sunday, Jake Strapper made a complete ass of himself. Strapper made it seem like President Trump has done nothing concerning the Coronavirus. Looks like Strapper missed the part where President Trump signed 3 Coroanvirus bills into law. The 3rd bill he signed into law was a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill where money is going directly to American citizens and  made available billions of dollars in the form of loans to small businesses. As I have written before, Jake Strapper is not a journalist he is a Democrat. He was aide to a liberal Philadelphia Democrat Congresswoman and was Press Secretary for Handgun Control Inc. Since Jake Strapper wants to know what the President’s plan is. I say to Jake Strapper, why don’t have President Trump on your low rated show? Or better yet, why don’t you go to a Coronavirus press conference and ask the President yourself? After all President Trump has a press conference everyday. I know why Jake Strapper won’t do that because Jake Strapper is a coward who has no balls.

Here is a list of President Trump has done concerning the Coronavirus:

• Jan. 7: The CDC established a coronavirus incident management system to better share and respond to information about the virus.

• Jan. 17: The CDC began implementing public health entry screening at the three U.S. airports that received the most travelers from Wuhan — San Francisco, New York JFK, and Los Angeles.

• Jan. 20: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease institute, announced efforts to develop a vaccine.

• Jan. 21: The CDC activated its emergency operations center to provide support to the coronavirus response.

• Jan. 31: Mr. Trump declared a public health emergency, announced Chinese travel restrictions, and suspended entry into the U.S. for foreign nationals at risk of transmitting the virus.

• Feb. 11: The Department of Health and Human Services expanded a partnership with Janssen Research & Development to “expedite the development” of a coronavirus vaccine.

• Feb. 24: The administration sent a letter to Congress requesting at least $2.5 billion to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

• Feb. 29: The administration announced a level 4 travel advisory to areas of Italy and South Korea, barred all travel to Iran, and barred the entry of foreign citizens who visited Iran in the last 14 days.

• March 3: The CDC lifted federal restrictions on coronavirus testing to allow any American to be tested “subject to doctor’s orders.”

• March 13: Mr. Trump announced public-private partnerships to open drive-through testing sites, a pause on interest payments on federal student loans, and an order to the Department of Energy to purchase oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

• March 18: Mr. Trump announced a temporary closure of the U.S.-Canada border to non-essential traffic and plans to invoke the Defense Production Act to increase the number of necessary supplies needed to combat coronavirus.

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