John Harwood Democrat Hack

I posted about John Harwood a couple years ago. I call him John Softwood because he has no balls. John Softwood claims to be a middle of the road journalist. It is very easy to prove he is not. During a 2016 Presidential Primary debate he embarrassed himself and at one point referred to Donald Trump as a comic book candidate. It is John Softwood who is a comic book clown. Softwood was in constant contact with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Wikileaks published hundreds of John Podesta emails. This is really where Softwood was exposed for being the Democrat hack that he is.

Here is Softwood asking Podesta what questions he should ask Jeb Bush in an upcoming interview:

A real journalist does not ask the Democrat campaign manager what questions he should a Republican opponent.

Here is balless Softwood apologizing to Podesta and other Hillary campaign officials after they voiced their displeasure at Harwood’s report about Hillary’s presidential campaign kickoff.

Here is Softwood acting as a Democrat campaign adviser.

Softwood going out to dinner or a beer with Podesta.

UPDATE: August 26, 2022

Now this total clown is continually taking the side of the Biden Admin. Just like a good hack would. This clown Softwood actually said the inflation numbers are coming down. No they are not John, you fucking clown. Not once does this CLOWN say we are in a RECESSION. That’s because Softwood is a DEMOCRAT disguised as a journalist. I hope the new management at CNN FIRES Softwood like they did with Brian Helter Stelter.

A real journalist doesn’t take sides, act as campaign adviser or go out for a beer with a Presidential candidates campaign manager of any party. Of course Softwood sees nothing wrong with this. John Softwood is a total Democrat Hack.

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