Jake Tapper Another Democrat Hack

Jake Tapper is another Democrat hack passing himself off as a journalist. I call him Jake Strapper because he is such a demorat strapper. Here are the things Jake Strapper doesn’t tell his small audience. Jake was Washington correspondent for far left website Salon.com. He was also campaign press secretary and later press secretary for Philadelphia Democrat Congresswoman Marjorie Margolis-Mezvinsky. Jake Strapper was also Press Secretary for Handgun Control Inc. Now do you really think Jake Strapper is an unbiased journalist? Absolutely not. Of course Jake passes himself off as a journalist but Strapper is just another hack pushing the liberal agenda on his show because Jake Strapper is a Democrat. Today on his show, Jake Strapper blamed President Trump for the Coronavirus. Saying a month ago the President downplayed the virus.

At a February 2 Press Conference in Chiantown NYC, Queens State Senator John Liu assured the crowd that “every precaution” was being taken – just like every flu season, and asserted that there is no reason for anyone to panic or avoid the activities in Chinatown or anywhere else.” At this same press conference NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot said: “The risk for New Yorkers of the coronavirus is low, and our preparedness as a city is very high. While it is understandable that people feel anxious, that is no way shape or form an excuse for them to use that as an opportunity to spread misinformation, to spread racist ideas because that is currently the greatest risk to New Yorker’s.” The entire news article for the is here from AMNY.

I would like to know if Jake Strapper has called out State Senator John Liu (D-Queens) or Democrat NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot for downplaying the Coronavirus and encouraging people to attend the Chinese New Year celebration in NYC? Of course Jake Strapper hasn’t said a word about this because Liu and Barbor are both Democrats. Why won’t Jake Strapper have Senator Liu and/or Health Commissioner Barbot on his show and ask them why they downplayed the Coronavirus? Just how many people spread the Coronavirus at the Chinese New Year celebration the Liu and Barbot encouraged everyone to attend?

Now New York City has the most cases of Coronavirus and Jake Strapper says nothing about how Liu and Barbot downplayed the virus and encouraged people to attend the Chinese New Year celebration. Proving once again, Jake Strapper is a Democrat and Democrats like Liu and Barbot won’t be called out by Democrat hack Jake Strapper. You see only Strapper only calls out Republicans and Democrats can do no wrong. It’s all President Trump’s fault right Jake Strapper?

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