Jim Acosta Is Not a Journalist and The Schumer Shutdown

Jim AcostaJim Acosta of Fake News CNN is not a journalist. Acosta is just another far left liberal disguised as a journalist. Jim has no comments or concerns about Pelosi and Schumer’s total hypocrisy when the opposed the government in 2013. See my previous post for details on that. At a Press Conference on 1/19/2018 concerning the possibility of a government shutdown at mid-night Acosta floats the false liberal narrative by asking OMB Director Mick Mulvaney how can it be the Schumer Shutdown when Republicans control all three branches of government. Mick Mulvaney totally schools the fake journalist Acosta by telling him about how 60 votes are needed to pass the funding bill and that there aren’t 60 Republican Senators to pass it. Of course Acosta already knows this and just wants to float the false liberal narrative. Acosta should be ashamed to even ask the question. But liberals have no shame.

If Acosta is soo worried about amnesty for the illegal aliens classified as DACA recipients why hasn’t he asked Senate Minority Leader and Government Shutdown hypocrite Schumer where the DACA bill is? Why hasn’t Acosta asked Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi where the DACA bill is in the House? DACA was rescinded months ago. It’s because Acosta isn’t interested in being a journalist. Little Jimmy Acosta is only interested in pushing the liberal agenda and going after President Trump.

President Trump rescinded Obama’s unconstitutional¬† executive DACA order in September 2017. Obama’s DACA executive order was ruled unconstitutional by Judge Hanen a Federal District Judge in Texas. After Judge Hanen’s order barring the government from implementing DACA, the Obama Administration implemented parts of DACA anyway. Judge Hanen excoriated DOJ lawyers for purposely trying to mislead the court concerning the implementation of DACA. New York Times article here.

Did little Jimmy Acosta question Obama’s Press Secretary about this violation of Judge Hanen’s order? Of course not, because little Jimmy isn’t a journalist. Acosta is an advocate of the liberal agenda.

Has Acosta asked Schumer or Pelosi about their total hypocrisy about government shutdowns? Of course not because Acosta agrees with whatever the liberal agenda of the day is.

During the press conference it was reveled that is no DACA bill that has even been voted on. I’m still trying to figure out what President Trump is supposed do? President Trump cannot make the illegal aliens called DACA recipients US citizens by executive order. Why doesn’t little Jimmy Acosta do his jib and find out for us? He won’t do that.


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    It will interesting when the memo is released on the FAKE NEWS folks and how much each of them has been paid for the role they play outside of their news institution. It is my understand some of them or maybe all are being paid by Soros and the Democrats for the fake news cud they chew up and spit out.


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