Government Shutdown and The Democrat Hypocrites

Pelsoi Crazy Pic

Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi

Don’t you just love when Democrats prove their hypocrisy with their own words? For example, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Back in 2013, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, saying things like shutting down the government is drastic and Chuck Schumer saying to shut down the government because I can’t get my way is the politics of idiocy. This youtube video of Pelosi and Schumer is priceless:

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3 Responses to Government Shutdown and The Democrat Hypocrites

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    A blast from the past of two hypocrites who are working with foreign governments to bring illegals who have not been vetted with some of them being criminals and terrorists.


  3. Butch Gibson says:

    The last intelligent Democrat was JFK. At least he understood economics. It is extremely obvious that Obama had no clue how to stimulate growth and prosperity in this country.. It is also becoming obvious that the previous administration relied on executive orders and could only muster Obamacare which has proven to be another giant government failure.

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