Nazi Party, Neo-Nazi Groups, White Supremacist Groups and KKK Are NOT Conservative or Right Groups

The Nazi Party of Germany was The National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi Party was anti-business, anti-capitalism and anti-Semitic. Now let me ask you this. Does this sound even close conservatism? The answer is no. This was a far-left political party.

The American Nazi Party formed after WWII founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. The American Nazi Party was later renamed National Socialist White People’s Party. The biggest giveaway that this is also not a conservative group would be the word “socialist” in the name. This is also a far-left political party.

The Aryan Nation is a white supremacist group founded by Richard Girnt Butler. Aryan Nation’s ideology is a mix of Nazism and Christian Identity. The Christian Identity aspect of the group is very separate and not from the teachings of Jesus Christ and The Bible. Of course we all know what Nazism is. The Aryan Nation is a far-left group.

Let’s explore the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK was started in the 1860s by former members of the Confederate Army, who were Democrats. They sought to overthrow Republican state governments in the south. These Democrats were really mad that Republicans took away their slaves. The founding members of the KKK were not Republican or conservative. The KKK was opposed to everyone who did not share their ideology. They used threats, violence and murder to achieve their goals. Their targets were blacks, Catholics, Jews and white Republicans. The KKK was also against the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Here is a list of prominent Democrats who were also members of the KKK: Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Senator Theodore Bilbo (D-MI), Bibb Graves Democrat Governor of Alabama, Clifford Walker Democrat Governor of Georgia, Congressman George Gordan (D-TN), Senator John Gordon (D-GA), and Presidents Warren Harding, Harry Truman and Calvin Coolidge. Again, the KKK is not a conservative organization. It is a far-left organization/group.

After researching similar groups, they are all pretty much the same. Again, there is no evidence whatsoever, to suggest any of these racist, white supremacists groups are conservative or Republican groups. It amazes me that some Republicans actually believe these groups are somehow right or conservative groups. It’s not surprising that the liberal media has classified these groups as right or alt-right groups to paint all Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters as racists and white supremacists. The liberal media never brings up the alt-left, groups like Black Lives Matter, which advocates the murder of police officers, or ANTIFA. The reason the liberal media doesn’t want to report on or condemn violent liberal groups like antifa is because they agree with their goals. Here is a great article from National Review of the left’s violence including antifa.

A perfect example of this is liberal Chuck Todd of Meet The Depressed interviewing Mark Bray, one of the national leaders of the violent liberal group ANTIFA. Todd didn’t push back at all when Bray confirmed he is in favor of using violence to stop the free speech rights of those who they (antifa) disagree with. Here is the Newsbusters article. Chuck Todd and the liberal media whitewash the violence of antifa and Black Lives Matter. The antifa showed up in Virginia to start a violent confrontation. Look at the news video of the confrontation. The antifa were the ones who were wearing helmets and carrying clubs. But since antifa is a liberal communist anarchist group, the media will downplay their involvement or make excuses for them, because the media is of the same liberal ideology.

When antifa started riots in Berkeley, Ferguson, Baltimore and Seattle, no one demanded that prominent Democrat politicians come out and condemn them by name like Democrats and the liberal media demanded Trump do for Charlottesville, VA. No one demanded that President Obama condemn by name Black Lives Matter when one of their members murdered five Dallas Police Officers. The liberal media tried to hide the fact that James Hodgkinson, who attempted to assassinate Congressional Republicans at a baseball practice, that he was democrat and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

ANTIFA is an Marxist liberal violent anarchist group which is very dangerous. ANTIFA should be denounced by everyone. Its too bad the liberal media only denounces violence when it’s done by a fake “right” group and is tolerated when it’s done by far left groups, antifa and Black Lives Matter.




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