Virginia AG Mark Herring Cancels Concealed Carry Reciprocity With 25 States

Mark Herring

Liberal Democrat, former state senator and current Attorney General of The Commonwealth of Virginia, Mark Herring has canceled concealed carry permit reciprocity with 25 states. His reasons for canceling the agreements are that the 25 states allow a concealed carry permit to be issued to people who are fugitives from justice, convicted stalkers, drug dealers and individuals who have an active protection from abuse court order against them. If you know anything at all about firearm laws, it is against Federal Law for anyone who is a fugitive from justice, drug dealers/drug abusers, people who have a past felony conviction or a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence, to receive, own, control, carry, touch, and posses any firearm. So AG Herring’s reasons are of a false premise. This is not about safety. This is about the liberal gun control agenda which wants to ban firearm ownership for US citizens.

Effect February 1, 2016 the following states’ carry permit will not be honored in Virginia: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina , Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

While a member of the Virginia State Senate, Mark Herring voted in favor of all the liberal causes. He voted in favor of public disclosure of Virginia carry permit holders’ names and addresses. Voted against requiring a state issued photo ID to vote. Voted against requiring welfare recipients to take a drug test. He voted against authorization to allow a religious adoption agency from placing children with gay couples. He voted in favor of allowing absentee voting for any reason. He in favor of more public funding for abortions. He voted in favor of increasing the minimum wage. He voted in favor of in state tuition rates for illegal aliens. He voted against allowing concealed carry of a firearm in a vehicle. These next two are great. He voted in favor of concealed carry permit holders drinking alcohol while carrying a firearm and voted not to allow concealed carry permit holders carrying in an establishment that serves alcohol. Seems like he was on both sides of this. A typical liberal move.

As state senator, Mark Herring had a 100% rating from NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws), Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO. Only a 5% rating from the American Conservative Union, an 8% rating from the Family Foundation and a “D” rating from the NRA.

Mark Herring is nothing more than a gun grabbing liberal hack. I strongly urge Virginia citizens to vote this guy out of office when he comes up for reelection.



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1 Response to Virginia AG Mark Herring Cancels Concealed Carry Reciprocity With 25 States

  1. It’s unfortunate that Virginia is stepping back so far in time when it comes to this issue. Clearly Mark Herring is nothing but an undereducated (when it comes to firearms at least) hack.

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