San Bernardino Was A Terrorist Attack

San Bernardino AttackMy prayers go out to the families of the dead and the wounded victims of this senseless terrorist attack. It seems the liberal media are having a hard time calling this attack what it is. Let me say it for you: IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK.

UPDATE 12/04/2015: The FBI has classified the San Bernardino massacre as a TERRORIST ATTACK, here is a link to The L.A. Times story.

Let’s go over the evidence, shall we? The married Moooslim couple had 5,000 rounds of ammunition and a bomb making factory in their home. It was described by authorities as an “IED” factory. The male shooter traveled to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2014 and again for a month this past spring. Pipe bombs were found at The Inland Regional Center where the initial attack took place. Pipe bombs were also found in their home and in the SUV. They also had AR-15s, pistols and a roll out bag which is used to carry heavy loads like guns and ammo. The attack was also well planned similar to the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Authorities also found remote control cars loaded with explosives. This method of using bombs is used by Al-Qaeda. It has been reported that the shooters viewed ISIS propaganda on line and used tactics to carry out the attack similar to ISIS. One law enforcement official said this was an ISIS inspired attack. It has also been reported that the male shooter had been in contact with “extremists” and he was in contact with a suspected terrorist who the FBI is monitoring.

Despite all the evidence that the attack was an Islamic terrorist attack, The New York Times posts an article on their website with the headline: “Terror? Murder? As the Dead Mount, a Debate Persists.” Are you kidding me? At, they ask, Was The San Bernardino shooter a terrorist? Again, are you kidding me? There was a liberal terrorist sympathizer named Casey Jordan on CNN Wednesday night saying the office Christmas Party may have been offensive to the shooter. She went on to say the shooter was only making it look like a terrorist attack. What she is really saying is, that because the Mooslim TERRORIST was offended by the Christmas Party it was ok for him to MURDER innocent people. With all due respect, Casey Jordan is a total liberal idiot. Here is a link to the Newsbusters article with the video.

Of course President Obama will never use the word, terrorist. In a United Nations speech Obama said, the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Check out the youtube video.

Then of course the gun grabbers were out again. President Obama who has been very soft on going after ISIS, of course is calling for more gun laws. Obama lied again saying that mass shootings in USA are unparalleled in the world. Would someone please give this guy the FACTS already? Of course add Hillary, the liar, Martin O’Malley, Bloomberg, Shannon – I have armed guards everywhere I go – Watts of Moms Demand Action. These gun control nuts have no shame and no respect for the murdered victim’s families or the wounded, most of which are still hospitalized.


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  1. Islam is NOT a religion of peace! Recommended reading “The Life of Muhammad” written by the Muslim historian Ibn Ishaq in 768 AD. The book gives an accurate picture of Muhammad… The very violent and aggressive military commander who fought and killed neighboring tribes into submission.

    One book reviewer writes:

    “Ishaq provides details identifying names of both Muslims and Non-Muslims in multiple engagements, sequencing and phasing of the fighting characterizing various attacks, description, background and narratives of specifically targeted assassination raids, and of the murders of other raid and expedition survivors. For example, the attack on B.Fazara resulted in the capture of Umm Qirfa Fatima d. Rabi’a b. Badr. “She was a very old woman, wife of Malik.” And she was murdered “by putting a rope to her two legs and to two camels and driving until they rent her in two (p. 665). Muhammad’s piecemeal, leisurely, butchery of between 600 – 900 survivors of the raid on B. Qurayza is described on page 464 and the parceling of the Qurayza property, women and (36) horses among the Muslims is described on page 466.”

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