NJ Teacher Suspended for Letters to Mumia, The Philadelphia Connection

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Updated 4/11/15

Now it seems that the executive director of The Philadelphia Student Union, Hiram Rivera, also delivered get well letters from Philadelphia Public High School students. This is totally outrageous. To have Philadelphia high school students glorifying a cop killer at the behest of their liberal teachers is totally disgusting. I have no idea if there is going to be an investigation by the School District of Philadelphia. The questions that need to be answered are, which schools were involved, which teachers were involved and how many students were involved? Did these schools and teachers have permission from the school district or the school’s principles to write get well letters or cards to a convicted cop killer?

After a bit of research I found on the Philadelphia Student Union’s website an article written by a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School named Sharron Snyder. Link to the full article: Click Here

I picked out some excerpts from the article:

Sharron Snyder2

Let us pay very close attention the last two sentences of this clip. The message Ms. Snyder is conveying is, Mumia was driving downtown when the police for no reason shot Mumia, then beat him. After that, he was charged with murdering Officer Faulkner and because of a lack of evidence, Mumia was sentenced to death. Now this high school senior was probably born in 1996 or 1997. She was not born yet when the murder of Officer Faulkner occurred. Now how do you suppose this totally false narrative of what happened got into her head? It’s obvious liberal teachers are teaching this garbage in the classroom at Benjamin Franklin High School.

Here is the second excerpt from the article:

Sharron Snyder4Again, let us pay close attention to the second sentence of this clip. The liberal teachers at Benjamin Franklin High School have this student and lots of other students I’m sure, absolutely convinced that Mumia is a good person and he is a political prison instead of cold blooded cop killer. This is totally outrageous and disgusting.

I have to wonder if the liberal Philadelphia media is going to pick up this story and question Mayor Nutter and Superintendent Hite in a public forum about this entire situation? Stay tuned.

Update 4/14/15

Well it seems no one in the liberal Philadelphia media wants any part of this story. I have sent them messages on twitter and emailed their news departments with no response. I just wrote a letter to my city councilman about this travesty. I will let you know his response, if any.

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