NJ Teacher Suspended for Letters to Mumia (Updated 4/11/15)

FaulknerMumia Abu Jamal aka Wesley Cook is a convicted cop killer, former death row inmate, and is now serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Danial Faulkner on December 9, 1981. The testimony and evidence presented at Mr. Cook’s murder trial was overwhelming. Every appeals court, both Pennsylvania and Federal who heard Mr. Cook’s appeals have upheld his murder conviction. There is zero doubt of Mr. Cook’s guilt. Feel free to research the case for yourself.

ZunigaA few weeks ago it was reported that Mr. Cook had to be taken from prison to a hospital for diabetes complications. Marylin Zuniga who is a 3rd grade teacher at Orange Elementary School in Orange, NJ had her students write get well letters to the above mentioned cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal aka Wesley Cook. This is not only highly inappropriate, it is also disgusting, because 8 year olds are too young to understand the situation. Not only that, Ms. Zuniga is brainwashing these children to believe that Mumia Abu Jamal is a good person and is innocent of the murder of a Philadelphia Police Officer. This is typical liberal indoctrination that runs rampant in public school systems today. This teacher also sent out a tweet about the get well letters she had her 3rd graders write to a convicted cop killer.

Zuniga TweetNotice how the tweet refers to Comrade Johanna Fernandez with hash tag #freemumia. As everyone knows communists refer to each other as comrade. By using that hash tag, it tells me that this teacher believes Mumia is innocent of the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. In addition, it proves that Ms. Zuniga has done zero research on the case. Which means she doesn’t have a clue as to what she is talking about.

I have to wonder what other far left liberal ideas Ms. Zuniga is teaching 8 year olds? The Orange School Board claims that they knew nothing about the letter writing campaign to a convicted cop killer. They also added that Ms. Zuniga did not seek permission from the school to have her 3rd grade class write get well letters to Mr. Cook. Ms. Zuniga has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. Yes, you read that right, WITH PAY! I’m sure after the investigation, Ms. Zuniga will get a slap on the wrist and will be back indoctrinating 8 year olds into the liberal agenda. Her union will make a deal with the school board because most labor unions agree with the liberal/communist agenda. This woman should NEVER be allowed to teach EVER again.

Updated 4/11/15

I can’t find a connection between Marylin Zuniga and Comrade Fernandez. I just did some research of the aforementioned Johanna Fernandez also known as Comrade Johanna Fernandez. Ms. Fernandez is a college professor. What a big surprise! She teaches at Baruch College in New York City. Her bio states she teaches 20th Century U.S. History, the history of social movements (whatever that is), the political economy of American cities and African-American History. She also writes for the liberal Huffington Post. She wrote an article posted on the Huffington Post on April 7, 2015 about, you guessed it, convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal aka Wesley Cook. I would bet real money Comrade Fernandez doesn’t know Mumia’s given name is Wesley Cook.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


Ms. Fernandez states that Mumia was framed and railroaded by the courts. Trial evidence proved, beyond any doubt, that the bullets in Officer Faulkner’s body matched the bullets of the gun Mumia had on his person at the time of his arrest at the murder scene in center city Philadelphia, along with overwhelming eyewitness testimony. As all racists do, she throws in that Officer Faulkner is white. So far this is the only thing she has gotten correct. She also claims that international movements and protests stopped Mumia’s two scheduled executions. This is also incorrect. It was found by the courts that Mr. Cook’s sentencing hearing was defective. Comrade Fernandez fails to mention that every appeals court has upheld Mr. Cook’s murder conviction based on the evidence. Comrade Fernandez also fails to mention that Mr. Cook stood over Officer Faulkner as he lay wounded in the street and executed him by shooting him the face. This tells me that Comrade Fernandez is not interested in the facts of the case. Most leftists care nothing about facts when it contradicts their ideology. Keep in mind Comrade Fernandez is teaching college students. I can only imagine what loony communist ideas fly around her class.

Comrade Fernandez goes on in her article about an essay Mumia wrote concerning Ferguson, MO. Comrade Fernandez is very proud that Mumia quotes who she calls a Russian Revolutionary named Vladimir Lenin. Sorry Comrade Fernandez, Lenin was not a revolutionary he was a Communist just like you.

Updated 4/11/15

Now it seems that the executive director of The Philadelphia Student Union, Hiram Rivera, also delivered get well letters from Philadelphia Public High School students. This is totally outrageous. To have Philadelphia high school students glorifying a cop killer at the behest of their liberal teachers. I have no idea if there is going to be an investigation by the School District of Philadelphia. The questions that need to be answered are, which schools were involved, which teachers were involved and how many students were involved? Did these schools and teachers have permission from the school district or the school’s principles to write get well letters or cards to a convicted cop killer?

After a bit of research I found on the Philadelphia Student Union’s website an article written by a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School named Sharron Snyder. Link to the full article: Click Here

I picked out some excerpts from the article:

Sharron Snyder2

Let us pay very close attention the last two sentences of this clip. The message Ms. Snyder is conveying is, Mumia was driving downtown when the police for no reason shot Mumia, then beat him. After that, he was charged with murdering Officer Faulkner and because of a lack of evidence, Mumia was sentenced to death. Now this high school senior was probably born in 1996 or 1997. She was not born yet when the murder of Officer Faulkner occurred. Now how do you suppose this totally false narrative of what happened got into her head? It’s obvious liberal teachers are teaching this garbage in the classroom at Benjamin Franklin High School.

Here is the second excerpt from the article:

Sharron Snyder4Again, let us pay close attention to the second sentence of this clip. The liberal teachers at Benjamin Franklin High School have this student and lots of other students I’m sure, absolutely convinced that Mumia is a good person and he is a political prison instead of cold blooded cop killer. This is totally outrageous and disgusting.

I have to wonder if the liberal Philadelphia media is going to pick up this story and question Mayor Nutter and Superintendent Hite in a public forum?

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