Eric Holder and The Liberal Agenda

I have been hearing a lot of noise from the Left about the George Zimmerman case and “Stand Your Ground” laws. The left along with their willing accomplices in the media are changing the narrative about the Zimmerman trial. George Zimmerman was acquitted using Florida’s self defense law not the stand your ground law. But the media and the administration knows their low information followers won’t know the difference. So now there is going to be an assault on stand your ground laws which had nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial.

Eric Holder, US Attorney General, who spoke at the NAACP Convention in Florida strongly condemned stand your ground laws, which have been enacted in 30 states. Mr. Holder is under the impression that stand your ground laws encourage violence and increase homicides. Which is false. Holder went on to say he would rather people had a duty to retreat and not defend themselves. This is the entire left’s mantra. Don’t defend yourself, try to retreat and become the victim. You can see Holder’s speech and news article here:  According to PolitiFacts and the FBI, Florida’s violent crime has decreased since stand your ground was enacted in 2005. Link here:
Another statistic provided by the Daily Caller states that blacks in Florida have successfully used the stand your ground law in homicide cases more than whites. This means the stand your ground law has helped black defendants more than white defendants. Contrary to what Holder and left are saying about the law.

One would think that Holder would do a little research before his speech. Even if Holder is aware of the stats, he wouldn’t have mentioned them anyway because this would go against the liberal agenda. This is same M.O. the Liberal Media uses. The Liberal Media intentionally leaves out facts and stats that go against their liberal agenda. This also keeps their low information followers in the dark, which is the goal of the left.

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