Nancy Pelosi Says Obamacare Not Delayed

You just have to love Nancy Pelosi. After the Whitehouse stated that the employer mandate for employers has been delayed for one year. Nancy Pelosi comes out and says Obamacare has NOT been delayed. You can red the story here from the Washington Post:

This is typical as to how Liberals operate. The employer mandate has been delayed by one year. This is a fact. Liberals are always trying to convince people that up is down and down is up.

The real story should be, there is no provision in the current law that allows President Obama or anyone else to delay the implementation of this law. But of course those in the Liberal press will not report this because it would make Obama look bad. And we can’t have that. I would also dare say that if a Republican president ignored provisions in law(s) the Liberal press would be all over it. This is just another example of the Liberal press covering for Obama.

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