Salt and CDC

The CDC has said that previous studies on salt intake is very bad for you. This has been a long standing position of the CDC and Democrats. Now the CDC has taken this back. This is one reason why I don’t trust the government. They constantly put things out there that are wrong and the Liberal media dutifully repeats it and promotes it. You can read the story here:

I have never believed this and have used salt on my meals because I like it. I was at a major amusement park in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. Apparently this park is sponsoring a health insurance company. There were signs throughout the park with tips for healthy living. There was sign that stated: “Keep the Salt Shaker Off the Table”. I thought to myself, at my house we have a salt and pepper shaker at both ends of the table. This is so no one has reach far or have to pass it all the way down the table to get it. Trust me I thought, I am not going to take the salt and pepper shakers off my table.

It’s just amazing that Democrats and those in the Liberal media want the government to run our health care. That’s all I have for now.



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