Philadelphia Public School Funding

Mayor Nutter and the Philadelphia School Board are asking for more money to fund public education in the City of Philadelphia. The Liberal Media in Philadelphia only regurgitates what the Mayor and School Board say. Instead of doing research and asking questions of the Mayor and School Board. With a little research, I found out that The City of Philadelphia spends $10,000.00 per year per student on public education. If I can find out this information so can the Liberal Philly press, but they don’t. A Catholic School in Philadelphia charges a tuition of $2,500.00 per year. My question to the Mayor would be why isn’t $10,000.00 per year per student enough money when a Catholic School can do it for $7,500.00 less and educate the children better than public school? The Philly Liberal press won’t ask this question. Of course the Philly Liberal Press will only report on the narrative that the Democrat controlled city government puts out. The city of course wants to raise taxes again for schools. It’s not enough that city residents like myself already pay a higher sales tax than the rest of the state at 8%. City residents also pay a wage tax of 3.928% where most of the counties in Pennsylvania tax wages at 1%. The City also has a drink tax of 10% charged to bar and restaurant patrons on drinks containing alcohol. The city is also proposing to change the property tax structure from what it is today to the so called Actual Valuation Initiative or AVI which residents will see an increase in their property tax bill. Also proposed to “rescue” the schools is a $2.00 per pack tax on cigarettes and increasing the drink tax to 20%. I say enough. City residents are getting crushed by this wave of tax increases. $10,000.00 per student per year is plenty of money for public education in The City of Philadelphia.

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